Clock Simulator Review

When I have no indie Nintendo Switch games to play, I head over to the Nintendo eShop and have a browse. My first instinct is to go into the “Great Deals” section and search for something unusual to play. Not to toot my own horn but I found the perfect oddity to play and review. This oddity is Clock Simulator, a game where you play as a clock. No, really, you play as a clock. Being able to nab it for less than 60 cents made this easy to purchase, so let’s take a look at the oddity known as Clock Simulator.

Half Baked Concept Needs More Time in the Oven

Clock Simulator is one of the oddest games I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. This is a rhythm-based, mini-game collection that tasks you with keeping to the rhythm of the seconds hand on a clock. For the most part, this is done by just pressing one button, however, there is a mini-game that sees you using all four face buttons (A,B,X,Y). There are eleven single player mini-games, two multiplayer games, and one tutorial to play.

Of the eleven single player games, about half of them are at least OK, while the other half are confusing and difficult to play. I found myself gravitating toward games that had some sort of visual aid to help you with the rhythm, ala Rhythm Heaven. Those that didn’t give you any visual hints were much more difficult to play. Well, at least for a player like myself that has never claimed to have any rhythm. Games range from actually just being a seconds hand on a clock and trying to formulate the rhythm for yourself, to games like hopping over the seconds hand as a pig, or navigating obstacles by pressing the correct button. The latter two being personal favourites of mine. You could keep playing these games to go for a high score, however, the truth is that the games lack any real substance.

I also briefly spent some time playing the two multiplayer games… by myself. This was actually easily done as both multiplayer games are single button games. The first one is a multiplayer version of the hopping game mentioned above, and I can actually see this being a blast to play with friends. The other is a clock game where the wrong rhythm will cause your seconds hand to fall apart. This is one of the games where you must figure out the rhythm without visual clues.

Minimalist in Gameplay and Graphics

It’s clear to me that the developer was going with a minimalist approach for Clock Simulator and that can be seen in its visuals, as well as its gameplay. I am a fan of the minimalist approach, however, when comparing this game to Rhythm Heaven, I’m left wondering what could have been accomplished with more time on the clock. Other than games with the cute pig, you are literally just solid colored lines most of the time. More effort would be appreciated here as I think this could have been a real contender for hidden gem status.


Clock Simulator is a surreal game that might be worth checking out if you’re the curious type. I can’t recommend paying full price for this game, however, as it really lacks substance. I’m left wanting more from this game and think it could really be something special if more effort was put into its development.

Final Score: 0

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