Suicide Guy Review

Disclaimer: While this game’s premise showcases suicide in wacky, cartoonish scenarios, suicide is no joke. If you’re having thoughts of suicide or self-harm, please get help. You can find help by calling the Crisis Service Canada [1-833-456-4566], Lifeline in the US [1-800-273-8255], or asking somebody you know to help you find support in your region.

A download code for Suicide Guy was provided by Chubby Pixel for review.
Something I realized while playing this game is that I’ve been gaming inside a bubble. Inside that bubble the only games were Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, various Mario Party titles, Rocket League, and the occasional beat ‘em up. Now that I’ve decided to review video games in my spare time, I get the opportunity to play and review a lot of different games that I normally wouldn’t try. Suicide Guy has to be at the top of that list because I didn’t even know the game existed. Now that I’ve played through the game, I’m ready to share my thoughts. Let’s take a look at the joys of playing Suicide Guy.

Creative Concept Leads to Varied Gameplay

The premise of Suicide Guy is definitely a little out to lunch. You play as a guy that falls asleep while drinking beer. While sleeping, his beer falls out of his grip and begins its descent to the floor. It’s up to you to find a way to wake up and save your beer. This is done by finding ways to commit suicide to wake from your dreams.

The game plays through a first-person perspective and its gameplay is similar to adventure games that I grew up playing on PC. There are 24 levels, not counting the hub world, or the extra level. In each level, you must explore your surroundings and use them to your advantage to off yourself. Essentially, each level serves as an overarching puzzle that has other mini-puzzles that need to be solved first. Maybe you’ll need to find a key to unlock a door, then find and use a wrench to fix leaky pipes so that you can fill up a bathtub with water, then jump in with a radio to leave the dream world.

Because the game is set in the dream world, the possibilities are endless. One extraordinary scenario sees you using a transporter to wrap between 4 different worlds in your quest for peace. Another sees you accumulating items to wake a fire-breathing dragon. The different scenarios offer up a variety of puzzles, which keeps the game feeling fresh and fun. There are a few frustrating moments, most of which have to do with platforming. Even though the platforming is light, it can be tough to land your jumps without slipping and having to start over. Overall, I felt the variety of scenarios and the actual element of puzzle solving made this game fun to play.

Multiple Reasons to Keep Playing

There are a few reasons you might want to keep playing Suicide Guy. The game’s whacky premise lends itself well to playing with friends and helping them with puzzles. There is a collectible statue to be found in every level, so you may want to track all of those down. Plus, there is an additional to play level at the end of the game. While the replay value is lower than some other games, I think there’s enough here to come back again.

Cartoonish Graphics Allow for Virtually Any Setting

As mentioned above, because the game is set in the dreams of the protagonist, the possibilities for settings is endless. This is also helped by the use of cartoonish graphics. I feel the game has a distinct look that keeps it from feeling generic. The 3D models are well crafted and the artists use of color is spot on. I also personally love the design of the dopey protagonist. One thing that can’t be praised in the Nintendo Switch version specifically is that there are missing visual effects. I have watched videos of other versions and could easily see that the Switch version has visual downgrades. I do feel that the graphics still hold up well because of the cartoonish design.

Interesting Way to Play its Soundtrack

The way the game handles its soundtrack is quite brilliant. On every level, you will find a radio playing that level’s theme song. You can turn off the radio, or even carry it around with you if you wish. You might want to do this because as you move away from the radio, its volume gets lower. The music that blares from its speakers is appropriate for each level, helping set the atmosphere for all of the game’s scenarios. The radio is even cleverly used a couple of times to solve some of the game’s puzzles.


Suicide Guy blew me away with its creativity. The game puts you in some outrageous scenarios, forcing you to think of clever ways to solve its puzzles. It has some great cartoon visuals and an interesting take on the video game soundtrack. I wholeheartedly had a ton of fun playing this game and I’m now looking forward to playing the sequel.

Final Score: +4

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