Suicide Guy Sleepin' Deeply Review

A download code for Suicide Guy Sleepin' Deeply was provided by Chubby Pixel for review.
Earlier this month I had the opportunity to play and review Suicide Guy. I ended up really liking that game, it’s number 1 on the Nintendo Switch Indie Rankings board as of this review, so when the developer offered me a chance to review the sequel, Suicide Guy Sleepin’ Deeply, I jumped at the chance. I just spent a few hours completing Sleepin’ Deeply and while I still loved the gameplay, it falls a bit short when compared to the original Suicide Guy. With that being said, let’s get on to the joys and cons of Suicide Guy Sleepin’ Deeply.

Just as Creative and Fun as the Original

Suicide Guy Sleepin’ Deeply picks up where Suicide Guy left off. Our lovable hero is back, and working on getting drunk off his ass. This time, however, he winds up in a deeper, drunken stupor thanks to a stronger beer. The premise of this game is practically identical; you must solve a variety of puzzles inside the dreamworld that ultimately result in your death, which needs to be done so you can wake up and enjoy your beer.

The gameplay is exactly the same, which sees you navigating wacky worlds in the first-person while solving adventure-like puzzles. The big difference here is that you will experience new scenarios, but the game is just as creative, and just as fun as the first game. With new scenarios, also comes new elements to interact with, including my personal favorite travel device, the extremely rad pogo stick.

Not as Many Levels, But They Are Strong

The biggest disappointment here is the game’s lack of levels. Suicide Guy Sleepin’ Deeply has a measly 6 levels. Well, it’s actually 7 if you count the opening level. This doesn’t even come close to the 24 (25 counting the opening level) levels that showed up in Suicide Guy. This also means replay value isn’t as big of a factor, although each level does have a hidden statue to find.

Thankfully, the level design here is just as strong, if not even stronger than the first game. Standout levels include the Roadrunner and Tamagotchi inspired worlds which really showcases how much this concept shines. There is a Rube Goldberg level here, as well, which sounds amazing, and it is, however, it’s a frustrating ordeal thanks to the wonky platforming. One big joy here is that most levels seem to be longer than those found in the first game.

I won’t be taking away a point here because one level is hard and the game is shorter than its predecessor. I’m going to remain neutral here as the game still manages to shine with creative ideas and longer levels, so it’s still a decent option for killing time.

Presentation is Still Strong

Suicide Guy Sleepin’ Deeply looks as good, or even better than the first game. There seems to be an increase in draw distance, as well as less graphical glitching, so the presentation stands strong. The aforementioned Roadrunner and Tamagotchi levels look absolutely fantastic. The radio gimmick returns here, however, I felt it didn’t have as much of an impact as the first game. It’s still a unique gimmick, and the music is often fitting for the scenario, so I’ve lumped it in with this joy.


Suicide Guy Sleepin’ Deeply probably should have been add-on DLC for Suicide Guy. The gameplay is still strong, and the scenarios are just as fun and wacky, but the game ends much too quickly. It looks as good as the original, in fact, I believe it looks a little better, so its presentation can be celebrated. I didn’t mention it above, but there is an incentive to collect every statue, so it’s a worthwhile hunt to maximize this game’s value. If I had to recommend one title over the other, than I’d entice you to go for Suicide Guy, as it’s a much better value for your money. However, if you liked that game as much as I did, then it may be worth checking out Suicide Guy Sleepin’ Deeply, as well.

Final Score: +2

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