Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe Review

A download code for Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe was provided by Chubby Pixel for review.

I recently had the opportunity to play Woodle Tree 2: Deluxe and I enjoyed my time with the game. It was clear to me that the game had its flaws, but I was able to find many joys in playing the game. After I published my review, I wondered if the initial entry in the series was also worth my time. So, I sat down and completed Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe in a little under two hours. I can now tell you if there are enough joys to make this game a must play, or if its cons outweigh its joys.

Gameplay is Pretty Basic and Bland

Unfortunately, Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe isn’t strong in the gameplay department. The game is a 3D platformer with basic movement and jumping taking the spotlight. You have an attack, but it seems possible to play the entire game without using it, rendering it quite useless. Well, you do need to use it to enter the game’s levels, but you won’t be using it much against game’s lazy enemies.

The game consists of six levels, with two additional being unlocked after collecting a specific number of berries. The goal of each level is to find its three fairy tears, then return them to basins located at the far reaches of that level. This is done to fulfill your quest to bring water to a thirsty world. As I mentioned earlier, you’ll also be collecting berries along the way. These berries not only unlock additional levels, but also new leaves that come with a ranged attack, and a headband that serves only as a costume piece.

The level design here is quite bland and makes the game a chore to play. The platforming is incredibly basic and doesn’t offer much challenge to the player. Woodle will carry momentum as he lands, making it a little difficult to land exactly how you want at times. Also making things a little frustrating along the way is the game’s camera. It’s possible to zoom in and out, but you can’t manually swing the camera around, so it’s essentially locked in place. However, it will seldom whip around on its own to give you a new view when the game determines it’s needed.

That’s all there is to Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe. There are no puzzles, no interesting platforming, bland enemies, and no boss fights. Those wanting a good 3D platforming experience will not find one here. The sequel improves on everything mentioned in this review, so that may be the better experience for gamers.

Visuals are a Mixed Bag

The game’s opening levels are quite ugly and carry an unpolished look. I was ready to deem this game an awful visual experience, that is until I reached the last few levels. These levels use color and textures to create better looking worlds. I wish the entire game would have used the more polished look of these last few levels, because as it stands, half of the game is visually unappealing. The main character Woodle is still an interesting design, however, I feel the sequel does a better job with that, as well.

Music is Just OK

Much like the sequel, Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe has a relaxing soundtrack. Unfortunately, as much as I enjoyed the relaxing soundtrack, I can’t help but feel that the music is ultimately forgettable. No track stands out to me and the only comment I can offer on this topic is that the music is just OK.


Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe isn’t a great 3D platforming experience. I had to force myself to complete the game, which is a good indicator of a game’s below average quality. Those curious about the game would be better off checking out Woodle Tree 2: Deluxe for a better executed 3D platformer. This is a game that probably shouldn’t have made it to the Nintendo Switch.

Final Score: -1

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