Best of VG Music: Bridge Zone - Sonic the Hedgehog (GG/MS)

Sometimes, I fall victim to the infectious rhythm of music from some of my favourite video games. Today, that music is from Sonic the Hedgehog for the Game Gear (and Master System), which happens to be the inspiration for this new feature on Joy-Con Reviews.

I can't help but revert back to a child when I hear the Bridge Zone theme from this game. Its upbeat nature reminds me of getting home from school, packing up my Game Gear, and walking through the crisp Autumn air to get to grandma's house. You see, my cousin owned Sonic the Hedgehog, a game that I happened to like better than the one (Sonic the Hedgehog 2) I got with my Game Gear. The only way for me to play it was to venture to grandma's house. I'd sit for hours at a time trying to get as far as possible, but without fail, I would always take a moment to soak in this joyous theme, hoping my 6 AA batteries would last just a moment longer.

I think we all reflect on and miss the simplicity of our childhood. Nostalgia is a powerful, depressing thing and I often find myself yearning for those days to return. The days of getting under the covers and embracing the comfortable blue aura emanating from my Game Gear's tiny screen. It's an aching in my heart that is hard to soothe, but listening to music like this is just the warm hug that I need.

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