How to Improve Contra: Rogue Corps

I spent some time with the Contra: Rogue Corps demo yesterday and didn’t come away impressed. If Konami releases a game with the name Contra attached, they will get my attention. Unfortunately, if you release a Contra game, it better live up to its predecessors, or the only thing you will be shooting is your foot. Rather than just trash Contra: Rogue Corps for what it isn’t, I’ve come up with a few ideas on how to improve the game.

True Twin Stick Controls

I’ll admit, I haven’t played many twin stick shooters, but those that I did play were easy to control; you move with the left analog stick and shoot with the right. Contra: Rogue Corps gets one thing wrong here and that is having you press an additional button in order to fire. In this game, you’ll move with the left, aim with the right, but then you need to press a trigger button to fire. This just doesn’t feel right to me and isn’t helped by the fact that you slow down when shooting. So, my first idea to improve Contra: Rogue Corps is to switch to true twin stick controls.

Get Rid of Overheating Bullshit

Do you remember when your guns overheated in other Contra games? I sure don’t remember having to deal with that before. Part of the appeal of a Contra game is being able to run and gun without restriction. If you’re really good, you will feel powerful and play like a badass. Here, you need to watch it or you’ll overheat your gun, which then forces you to suffer through a cool down period. You can switch between guns if you overheat, but this shouldn’t even be an issue. I did manage to pick up the spread weapon during my demo playthrough, though that also didn’t feel right. Just get rid of the overheat mechanic. It’s lame and has no business in a Contra game.

Polish up the Graphics

The graphics in Contra: Rogue Corps are bad and there is no excuse for this in 2019. While the actual art and designs seem OK at best, the game not only looks blurry, but honestly looks like it’s struggling to keep itself together at all times. This could be something that is fixed for the full retail release, however, something tells me they aren’t about to make any improvements. Let’s get some polish here, Konami. You are capable of giving us better, especially if you expect people to spend 40 to 50 bucks.

Get Rid of the Cheesy Dialogue

I cringed many times when playing through the demo, but listening to its forced, cheesy dialogue was just brutal. It’s almost as if your parents tried to be edgy and slip in some curse words to be cool. Forced and unnecessary curse words are lame and most people will see through it. Now, I’m no prude, I enjoy my fair share of violence, explosions, and curse words, but it just isn’t done here with any real meaning. It doesn’t help when your voice actors don’t seem particularly enthused to be reading your lines. Maybe the best thing to do is just get rid of the dialogue altogether.

Just Make it Feel More Like Contra

This game doesn’t even feel remotely close to a Contra game, so the most obvious thing to do is to make it feel more like Contra. Let’s have more classic weapons, more classic music, one hit deaths, 1UPs, etc. Adding these things, along with the above improvements could save the game from its impending death. However, I’m pretty certain Konami is content with ruining their legacy, so I don’t expect anything to be done about this game.

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