Mudd Blocks Review

Finally, we come to the last game in the Mutant Mudds Collection, Mudd Blocks. Mudd Blocks is technically a new game in the Mutant Mudds series, but it isn’t a new game. Rather, it’s a skin of a Nintendo 3DS game known as Bomb Monkey. I thoroughly enjoyed Bomb Monkey when it was first released, so I knew what to expect with Mudd Blocks. So, with that being said, let’s take a look at the joys and cons of Mudd Blocks.

Solid Puzzle Gameplay

Mudd Blocks shines in the gameplay department and it should as Bomb Monkey was a good puzzle game. The game features an interesting twist on the match 3 puzzle genre, so just matching blocks of the same color isn’t enough. You play as Max and are tasked with dropping random, colored Mudd blocks on a rising platform of blocks, trying to match blocks of the same color. However, to eliminate these blocks, you must drop a water bomb on them. Hitting a colored block will cause a chain reaction to occur which eliminates any blocks of the same color that are attached to it. Water bombs will explode in all four directions, meaning you can hit multiple blocks at the same time. These bombs will randomly appear as the colored blocks do, and of course, if you let the blocks touch the ceiling, you will lose. The gameplay can be quite fast-paced, especially as blocks close in on the ceiling, so you’ll need to be on top of your game.

There is a bit of strategy involved with your block placement, which can result in some great chain reactions. You’ll also encounter other types of blocks, such as vertical and horizontal explosion blocks that will clear out entire rows of blocks. You can also collect 4 water sprites to make it rain only bombs for a limited time. This variety in gameplay makes for a more joyful experience and can certainly help get you out of a bind.

Multiple Interesting Game Modes

The above gameplay section describes what I think of as the game’s main mode. Of course, this is Endless, a high-score game that continues until you lose. However, there are other modes to enjoy here, and they are also quite fun. First up is Rescue, a mode where you take control of Granny and must save a caged Max. To do so, you must destroy the cage which has 50 hit points. You’ll damage it by tossing bombs its way. Then, there is a 3 Minutes mode, which is self explanatory. Finally, there is Numbers, a mode where you must destroy numbers in order, else you will fail. There are also 2-player versus and co-op modes, which are both a ton of fun. Oh, you can also flip the screen and play horizontally if you wish.

Mudd Blocks has a Good Presentation, But Bomb Monkey Did it Better

Atooi definitely knows how to package its games. Mudd Blocks brings the beautiful 12-bit style of Mutant Mudds to Bomb Monkey’s gameplay. Also, I liked how the backgrounds were nods to levels of the original game. The music here is just fine, which is a little letdown when compared to the rest of the series. Honestly, I’d actually give the edge to Bomb Monkey when speaking of presentation, but Mudd Blocks does hold its own here, so there will be no point deduction.


Much like Bomb Monkey, Mudd Blocks will likely go down as one of the more underappreciated puzzle games of this era. The gameplay is solid, fun, and offers a fresh take on the match 3 genre, which is extremely crowded with clones and basic bitches. The Mutant Mudds Collection as a whole offers incredible value, and a fun, time consuming puzzle game is the cherry on top of the sundae.

Final Score: +2

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