Final Fight 3 Review

Final Fight 3 was released in 1995 and is the third and final game in the Super Nintendo trilogy. While there would be other Final Fight games, such as the Sega Saturn fighting game and the 3D beat ‘em up on the PlayStation 2, this would stand as the final entry in the series as we know it - not counting remakes and ports, of course. I was anxiously chomping at the bit to play this after discovering a new found love for the second entry. And now that I have, I can honestly say that this game surpassed my expectations.

Same Great Gameplay with Some Fresh Twists

You are back on the streets of Metro City and bashing in the skulls of the, well, the Skull Cross Gang. The beat ‘em up gameplay here is similar to the first two games with attacks, jumping attacks, and throws all making their return. However, there are a ton of new elements added that make Final Fight 3 the most exciting game to play in the series.

Now you can choose between four characters with Haggar and Guy making their return, while newcomers Lucia and Dean make their debut. While characters all had different attacks before, every character now has even more to offer with expanded movesets. Dashing and dash attacks are new to the series, as well as the ability to input Street Fighter like commands to unleash new attacks. Also, each character has a super move that can be unleashed once the super meter has been filled.

New moves aren’t the only thing new to the series as the level design has been tweaked to offer the player new options. Now, players can be on the lookout for alternate paths, and doors that can be entered to find useful items. While this may make a second playthrough a bit fresh, the replay value is in playing with friends or trying out other characters.

An Improved Co-op Experience

While the multiplayer aspect of Final Fight debuted in the sequel, Final Fight 3 delivers perhaps the best co-op experience in the series. The big change that makes multiplayer an improved experience, is the option to turn off the ability to damage player two. Now you can thrash the streets of Metro City without accidentally wasting your partner. If you don’t have a tag team partner at the ready, don’t fret because you can actually force the computer to be your player two. This is a neat option that lets you get the co-op experience when playing by yourself.

Best Presentation in the Series

Final Fight 3 has by far the best presentation in the series. This is the first time that I was actually invested in the story, mostly because of the cut-scenes that play during your time with the game. I also thoroughly enjoyed the soundtrack this time around, which is something I disliked in past entries. Some tracks do repeat like they did before, but they are strong enough to want to hear again. Lastly, the game is no slouch in the graphics department as the game is as colorful and detailed as it ever was. Maybe my favourite aspect is that the enemies have a different look when compared to the first two games. This is probably due to this game featuring a different gang, but I think it’s a nice way to add some freshness nonetheless.


The Final Fight trilogy ends with a bang on the Super Nintendo. The game was a late entry in the Super Nintendo library, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that it featured improved graphics, music, gameplay, and story elements. All of this makes Final Fight 3 a must play beat ‘em u and I will be revisiting this entry with a tag team partner in the near future.

Final Score: +4

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