Best of VG Music: Beam Katana Chronicles - No More Heroes

It's been a few a weeks since I've made a best of VG post and I'm choosing a melody from a modern video game this time. That video game being No More Heroes, which I think is the greatest third-party series on the Wii.

This melody is dangerously infectious and it may just get stuck in your head. It serves as the game's main theme, however, this melody sticks with the player because of how often it appears in the series. This melody is remixed many times in the first game, so many times that it appears in nearly every track. It has a presence in the sequel, but I can't speak to its presence in Travis Strikes Again at the moment, but I assume it makes an appearance. Regardless, this is one of those tunes that I often find myself whistling in a grocery store aisle, and I don't think that's going away anytime soon. Here's to the future of No More Heroes. Cheers, Suda 51!

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