Golf Peaks Review

Golf Peaks Review from r/JoyConReviews

Puzzle games are a dime a dozen these days, so it’s hard to find one that truly does something unique. Golf Peaks was released earlier this year on the Nintendo Switch and offers up its own twist on the genre. It combines grid-based movement with the sport of golf and results in a captivating game. With that being said, let’s take a look at the joys and cons of Golf Peaks.

Simple, Rewarding Gameplay

Golf Peaks consists of nine worlds with each containing nine main courses. The objective of each course is to sink your golf ball in a hole. To do this, you’ll be navigating the game’s isometric, grid-like courses by utilizing a limited set of cards. These cards will let you putt, or chip the golf ball a specific number of spaces. But first, you’ll need to observe the course to know exactly how you want to hit the ball. Do you need to chip it up a small hill? Or will you take advantage of that slope to get you closer to the hole? Once you have decided your move, select your desired card, then hit the ball in one of four directions. If your moves didn’t work like you thought they would, you can easily undo your actions and get back your cards. This is a nice touch which balances the overall difficulty.

Essentially, getting to the hole is the puzzle here, and having a limited set of cards forces you to use them wisely. The game starts off pretty easy, but you’ll soon be bouncing the ball all over the place. Nearly every world introduces a new mechanic that will affect the way you approach a course. Mechanics like sand traps and quicksand, which can stop your ball’s momentum, or like a conveyor belt that propels your ball forward. Consistently introducing these new mechanics keeps the game fresh. Some puzzles took me seconds to solve, while others had me scratching my head for longer periods of time. Regardless, I enjoyed solving each puzzle and found it rewarding upon discovering their solutions.

Not Much Replay Value

Unfortunately, Golf Peaks doesn’t offer up much replay value. Each world does contain three additional, yet not mandatory courses, so there is a little extra here for the player. Once you’ve completed everything, that’s it, nothing else to see here. Golf Peaks is the type of game that would benefit from DLC, or perhaps some interesting multiplayer content.

Fantastic Presentation

Presentation wise, Golf Peaks hits a hole-in-one. Its minimalistic, isometric design is eye catching and is complemented by great color combinations. The visuals are not aggressive, and they create a calming atmosphere, something that is reinforced by the game’s soundtrack. Overall, the developer has created a serene, dreamlike experience that is stimulating for all the senses.


Golf Peaks is an absolute must for fans of the puzzle genre. The game is easy to pick up and play, and you don’t need to understand the rules of golf, so you can dive in and enjoy right away.

Final Score: +2