About Us

JoyCon Reviews is a new video game review website that provides reviews of modern Nintendo Switch games, as well as retro video games. The review concept here is simple: I will review a video game using a joys/cons style and provide a final score. The catch being that a joy will add 1 point to the final score, while a con removes 1 point. This is similar to the plus/minus category in hockey. We have done away with giving games the traditional "out of 10" score, instead a game here could theoretically get a +7, or on the flip side, a -7.

Any game with a negative score will never be recommended by JoyCon Reviews, while those with a positive score are usually recommended. Scores of 0 will be considered an average experience that is only worth checking out if you really have nothing else to play. There may be special cases where we recommend games to fans of certain genres, but not to fans that dislike the genre.